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Everything starts with a careful choice

The first process that is carried out for the production of the pepper is the selection of the seed, this is done with great attention and meticulousness by choosing the best berries. Tradition has it that the sowing takes place on St. Joseph's day. The pepper that we produce in Senise is a unique product in the world, so much so that it has the IGP mark. U 'ZAFARAN, as we call it in dialect, has particular characteristics such as very thin pulp and high digestibility, moreover, it is recognized for its pointed shape and dimensions of about 20 cm, but the thing that amazes is the particular transformation method. This process must be done by expert hands who sew the petioles of the peppers with special needles in such a way as to form the so-called serte necklaces, these necklaces are subsequently hung in shaded and ventilated rooms. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Al Misossero has always been produced, but in recent years it has become the main product, due to the exceptional demand from consumers and the numerous uses in gastronomy, in fact, zafaran can be transformed powdered or fried like chips, wrapped in batter, paired with fish or meat, or with a nice plate of homemade pasta



our oil

The Misossero company has been producing oil for over a century. At the time as now, the olive tree was one of the main crops with more than 2000 plants in the masseria. The historical variety of our land is the farisana, but for almost thirty years we have also planted leccino and frantoi. Even today we continue to engage in this sector, with the aid of new technologies and planting new varieties to improve the organoleptic properties of our oils and reduce the diseases of our plants. Furthermore, thanks to our studies and our experience we have considerably speeded up the milling times and carefully evaluate the ripeness of the olives to obtain an exceptional product.


our bet

Our family has owned vineyards for almost a century. The idea of creating a 10-hectare tent at the beginning of the 70s seemed like science fiction in Senise but thanks to the experience and exceptional skills they managed to complete the work. My uncles despite having other professions have taken care of the vineyard so far. Today fifty years later I, luigi, inherit the vineyard, with the intention of continuing my grandfather's work in fact we have already started a replanting project for a single variety  and always from this year we start with the bottling of our red wine CONTINUUM




Legumes are of fundamental importance, also known as renewal vegetables, as their roots fix nitrogen and enrich the soil.This is one of the reasons why we cultivate them and we are also aiming at a line of processed products in this field:DRY BEANS AND PUREE BEANS


Senatore  CAPPELLI for some years we have been trying to resume  an ancient wheat that was historically grown in our company, but which over time was almost lost, the senatore cappelli. By transforming this grain we create a very fine flour with which we have an excellent homemade pasta produced by a pasta factory in our area.

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