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Our choice

To be a farmer you need to know your land, its resources, and its biodiversity well. A real inseparable bond must be created.

 We try to live in symbiosis with our territory respecting its rhythms and vocation by practicing eco-sustainable agriculture in respect of future generations. All this favors the birth of unique products'' ContinuuM ''.

Genes + Love =   Campaign

My name is Luigi Bastanzio, I graduated in Biological Sciences  in 2012 in Siena. The choice of my course of study was  dictated by the innate passion for nature, in fact, once I graduated in the splendid Tuscany that gave me many ideas, I returned home to my land, Basilicata in Senise. Once back, I looked around, I did a master in nutrition biology in Bari and then other courses on agri-food in Tuscany and for Italy, coming into contact with wonderful realities that helped me in the decision to manage the company family's.

Generations of farmers: an important commitment

My  family is very large. My grandfather, Luigi Bastanzio, a great farmer and breeder married to Giuditta Breglia, a very energetic woman, had seven children. Of these only my uncle Francesco devoted himself to agriculture. Today, almost fifty years after the death of my grandfather, I, the grandson, take over from another Luigi Bastanzio ready to carry on the company for another generation, with my father, a retired doctor who helps me in the management. Furthermore, fate has  wanted  to marry a woman who bears the same surname as my grandmother, who supports me in everything I do. History repeats itself.

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